What you Need to Know about Water Resistant Scales

What you Need to Know about Water Resistant Scales

No matter the climate, water resistant scales are great to have around. You can find virtually any degree of precision in a water resistant scale, and at a wide range of prices to fit your budget. Even if you work indoors, a water resistant scale can help you achieve that certain level of accuracy and precision you desire. 

Why do I need a water resistant scale?

  • Accuracy is everything. Stains or droplets of water on a scale’s surface will affect the weight that the scale shows you. With a scale that’s resistant to water, you can easily wipe off the surface in a pinch.
  • Most water resistant scales are also resistant to dust, dirt, and other substances. Not only can you make sure your scale is free of water, but many other substances as well. Water-resistant scales are often made with stainless steel, so that liquids will not stick to the surface or create a stain.
  • Water will not corrode the wiring of a water-resistant scale. Even if a water-resistant scale was drenched in water, it would not reach the inner workings of the scale. The screws are designed to prevent moisture from leaking in. The interface is also sealed to avoid leakage

What kind of water resistant scales are there?

Torbal offers water resistant scales of many different designs, such as the BAH30 washdown scale, the BAH15W scale, and the BAH303 scale. Each of these scales is resistant to water, dust, and detergents. They are designed for heavy-duty weighing and are precise and accurate. The BAH303 scale can withstand pressure washing, allowing it to be cleaned quickly and easily. The best way to decide on a model is to compare the features of each one, and decide which one best fits your budget, environment, and needs. 

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